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We heard from many young women both on this campus and around the country about microagressions they have experienced in the workplace. We published them to an Instagram account with the aim of generating awareness, creating a community, and providing helpful tips along the way on how to deal with certain situations. 

Who Are We?

What is a Microagression?

A microaggression is an unconscious form of discrimination that can express sexism, racism, ageism, homophobia and more. Has someone at work ever told you to smile?  Asked you where you’re “really from”? Or just even interrupted you? These are all instances of microaggressions.

Where Can I Submit My Story?

To submit your story, you can a) email:, b) DM Instagram: @Overheard_Workplace, c) fill out a survey, d) fill in the form below! All stories are welcome & you can remain anonymous if desired!

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